SCAM – Smart Club Liquidation Sale Melbourne FL

All weekend we have been hearing on the radio and tv commercials of some big liquidation sale that is taking place in the Melbourne Mall where circut city used to be. They claim to have computers for $50 and other electronics at liquidated price. THIS IS A SCAM. I was the first one there and the first one in. First off you have to pay $5 per person to get in. If you spend $50 or more your $5 is refundable. There are no computers for $50 and hardly any electronics for that matter. The only computers and lap tops they have are refurbised and practicly for the same price you can buy a new one on sale at a reputible store. Basically you are paying to get into a flea market full of vendors selling overpriced Copycat Perfumes and merchandise at anything but liquidation prices. Half of the clothes are copycat brands and I wouldn’t trust any “Name Brand” items, computer guarantees or warrantys they say come with your purchase due to the fact they will soon be gone. You will find the same merchandise at the Flea Market, Marshalls or on ebay for better prices and you don’t have to pay to get in. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY! They have FALSELY ADVERTISED to get you there and then make you pay to get in and there is absolutely no real liquidation prices except for on the jewelry (and altho $50 for a wedding set claiming to be 14k gold with a lifetime warranty sounds like a good deal, I would caution that purchase). What a waste of time and money. WHAT A SCAM & FLASE ADVERTISING!

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